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There are quite a number and types of keno tickets. The whole concept of having so many types of ticket is basically to allow the player to choose the right type of ticket that could be in line with his specific needs and requirements. Each of these variants of keno tickets has their specific role to play and have a specific customer in mind. These tickets come in very handy when you are playing keno games on the internet through the various online casinos. Keno is a game that has originated from China and often this game is compared with Lotto and Bingo. However there are some basic difference between these games and Keno and you could spend some time on the internet if you are interesting in knowing how each of these games are played. As far as this article is concerned we will have a look at the various options that could be available when it comes to buying these keno tickets. Here are a few types of tickets that are very popular in almost all keno online casino sites.

Keno Straight tickets, Keno Way Tickets, Keno Combo Tickets are the tickets that relate to the various numbers that could be clubbed into one ticket or individual tickets having separate numbers. Apart from the above it is also common to come across some commonly used tickets that have nothing to do with numbering but are also used in online casinos where keno is played.

A few examples of such other keno tickets are Keno King Tickets, 20-Spot Tickets, Keno Race Horse Tickets, Edges Tickets, Top/Bottom Tickets and so on. Many people think that there is nothing much with the tickets per se and winning and losing depends on choosing the lucky number and leaving the rest to fortune or fate. This is wrong because keno is a game that requires thinking and strategizing.

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